One Direction?

IMG_4825I think self-doubt is a fundamental flaw of artists. Sometimes, when things get slow in the studio, I panic. I wonder “should I be doing more?” I mean, if I focus on other subjects besides pets – my watercolor storefronts for example, or my “ghosts”, will I become more successful as a painter or will I be spreading myself thin and be just “adequate” in all? Should I be more focused on saving chimps and endangered species with my art and give up the ‘for profit’ thing? Should I branch out and really focus on painting people (which BTW, terrifies me.) There are so many ways to go. I love painting pets, and I know it makes people happy. But the choices make my head spin and I suddenly freeze up. I get stuck in a rut and I can’t paint anything. That’s how I feel right now. I wonder if Frida Khalo ever felt this way. All comments welcome.