Under the microscope.


Well, not EXACTLY a microscope, but close…a magnifying glass. This is how I work on ornaments. The ornaments I use are 3″ round, hollow, glass disks (see photo below). I like them because, as opposed to a completely round ornament, they do not distort the painted image as much and, in my opinion, hang better on a tree or ornament stand.

By working under the magnifying glass, I can get more of the subtle shadows and coloring that distinguish your pet from all the others of a similar breed. Whether it’s a tiny bit of pink on their upper lip or a tiny chink in their ear, this method allows me to customize your portrait down to the finest detail so that the portrait is truly and uniquely your furry friend. Of course, as you’ve heard me say before, the detail can only be as good as what I am able to see in your photo. If it is too dark, too shadowy, or even overexposed the detail will be limited to what I can see. But knowing that I am also scrutinizing your photo under the magnifying glass, you can be sure that what I can see will be part of your portrait! And as always, your pet’s name and/or date can be added to the back of the ornament for additional personalization.  Thanks for reading! -m

BELOW: Glass disk ornament filled with pink water to show it’s shape.