Why I love my husband, and other important business matters.

Sometimes, it takes a marketing genius to come up with the most creative, yet basic ideas to help your business. It just so happens I am married to a marketing genius. My husband is a marketing exec and travels extensively for business. He is painfully aware that I do not like this, yet it is a fact of life that we have come to accept. When he is “in town” he works from home. This, I DO like! When he’s here, and not on a conference call, we will often make it a point to meet for lunch at out favorite bistro (our kitchen.) There, in those few stolen moments from our day, we chat about everything from how parenting a 14 year old has it’s challenges to how Meredith London Pet Portraiture can increase it’s visibility in the marketplace while still being able to pay it’s bills. Seriously, this is what we talk about.

The other day, my sweet, adorable, marketing genius husband, in a moment of brilliance and clarity, suggested this….

sizesOkay, right? Why didn’t I think of that? I love that man! I also like that he:

Walks the dogs when its cold out,
Rids my spaces of bugs, rodents and other scary creepies,
Does the grocery shopping,
Brings my coffee upstairs so I don’t have to get out of bed on the weekends,
Deals with the state to get my sales tax straight, and
Comes to every one of my events and does the math for me.

I don’t know where I’d be without his humor, his love, his devotion, his business acumen or his math skills. I’m a very lucky business-woman.