End of year blog post…and many thanks to you!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but in the end – thanks to YOU, it’s all good.

You guys didn’t know how close I was to throwing in the towel earlier this year. After a booming 500+ hits on the day my newly designed website launched in September, things appeared to be going steadily downward from there. I wasn’t sure if it was my poor selling skills, or lack of artistic ability or what, but the year was looking like it’d turn out to be kind of a bust and I was seriously doubting.

But then something happened. I did a little “meet the artist” meet and greet at the Botanic Garden. I had no idea nor did I expect what happened, but miracle of miracles – in 2 1/2 hours I sold more paintings than I’d sold 2014 year to date. Whaaaaaaa?

I got myself a second wind and as the holidays grew nearer, suddenly people were coming out of the woodwork. It’s like they’d all gathered right outside the door to burst in and yell “SURPRISE!” Etsy blew up, repeat clients came a-knockin’, folks who knew folks – and the folks who knew them, all lined up and patiently commissioned paintings and wham-o, I was slammed with work, in the best possible way.

Aw. You guys.

I did over 60 pieces this year – thanks to that giant blast at the end there and thankfully, I am on a new-found “roll”. So, here’s what’s in the works for 2015…

Breed specific note cards – I’ve been threatening to do this for a long time and now I’m finally going for it. I’m starting with just the few that I have. These prints of my original paintings will come in packs of 6 4″x 5.5″ blank note cards on fine linen stationary paper with envelopes included for only $15! I’ll be adding new breeds to them throughout the year. They’ll be available through my website and on Etsy. Here’s what’s available so far:

Pendant Necklaces: Next – I’m also going to make a go of it with the jewelry pendants. The breeds above will all be available on an antique silver alloy pendant on an 18″ leather cord with a screw closure. 1″ circular print from an original painting at $28 ea. They’ll be available through my website and on Etsy as well.

For now, you can email me if you’re interested in any of these new items until they are fully up and running. But I have a very  busy few months ahead of me organizing this.
Thank you my friends, for my boost of renewed confidence and energy and for having faith in me when I doubted. I am so grateful and promise you great things to come from Meredith London Pet Portraiture in 2015.