Great NYT article re: Overcoming ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Are you a creative? A visual artist, writer, musician, chef, you know who you are…

Then at some point or another you may have suffered…suffer…suffered, from “Imposter Syndrome” and maybe not even known it. Well, I for one am all but too willing to admit that I have experienced this, and back in October of 2015, Carl Richards brought the issue to light in this succinct and helpful article in the NYT. I’m so glad he did because I didn’t even know this existed and it was life-changing when I discovered it.

No, people will not understand that your job is as legit as a neurosurgeon’s or a firefighter’s or a teacher’s – but to you it’s everything. If you are making money doing what you love and what you’re good at, if you have talent worth recognizing, that is as valuable as it gets. Do not devalue your work though you may be tempted to do so. Embrace the genius that is you and embrace those who don’t understand – and you keep going – don’t slow down.