My trip to the ‘One of A Kind Show’ in Chicago….

OVERWHELMING – in one word. So, last weekend, I decided to check out the Spring version of this show which is normally held around Christmastime at the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago. Beginning last year, the promoters of this show decided to add a “scaled down” version (and I use that term loosely) of the show in April with about 1/2 the vendors it normally showcases in December. Now, I’m not one to ever turn down a chance to check out other people’s art, so of course, I wouldn’t miss it and WOW. Just WOW.

This is a juried show, with an incredible variety of hand created pieces of artwork. Everything from jewelry, sculpture, clothing and fiber art, blown glassware to funky Steampunk mobiles. There is live music and cooking and art making demonstrations and even scheduled fashion shows for the artists to really showcase their creations.

Artists come from all over the US and Canada, there may have been other geographic representations as well, I just didn’t have time to meet and converse with all the artists.

I walked the entire show of 300+ vendors in a systematic left to right method as to not miss anything. And it was simply remarkable the amount of incredible artwork in one, albeit very large, place.

Of course, we all know art is subjective and taste based – not everything was for me, but I was so impressed with the range of creativity and the expertise.  One such artist who particularly grabbed my attention.

Time Maclendon is a world renowned wire sculptor and this was his first time at the One of a Kind Show. I was blown away at the breath-taking quality and workmanship of this man’s work. Every piece is twisted by hand – nothing is soldered! It is an incredible sight to behold. And, well, I just had to buy a pair of his gorgeous earrings. If you’d like to check out his work here is a link to his website:

So, you’re asking yourself: why isn’t Meredith London Pet Portraiture at the One of a Kind Show? It’s simple really. At this time, I primarily do custom work and commissions. There may be a time in the future, when I can expand and make pieces that I could display/sell at a show like this, but for now, I’m good to just go and admire everyone else.

For your reference, the One of a Kind Show will be back in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart in December, 2017 with it’s full contingent of 600+ artists, including an entire section of Etsy sellers. If you can, make a weekend of it and come to Chicago – you will not be disappointed. It is a highlight of the holiday season.