How to Order

img_3339Thank you for choosing Meredith London Pet Portraiture! I’m excited to get to work on your custom portrait. It’s really quite  easy to get started:

1. SENDING PHOTOS:  The first thing you’ll want to do is send your photo(s) preferably via email. Please include your *basic information – particularly your billing and shipping address and zip code, as well as what you’d like, e.g.: 11×14″portrait, or a 1 Gallon Pet Portrait Treat Jar™.  Don’t worry, if you only have hard copy photos that’s okay.  You can send them via USPS, to the address below, and I will return them with the finished artwork.


PHYSICAL ADDRESS:  Meredith London Pet Portraiture, PO Box 833, Highland Park, IL 60035

YOUR PHOTOS: I cannot stress enough that your portrait can only be as good as the photos you provide. If I don’t think I can work with a photo whether it is too dark, too light, blurry or otherwise doesn’t reflect the coloring and expression of your pet, I will let you know.  I want the end result to be something we can both be proud of. For more about providing the right photos, click here.

2. CONFIRMATION:  Next, I’ll confirm receipt of your photo(s), let you know if I’m able to use it and send you an invoice. Click here for prices. You may pay the entire amount in advance (always appreciated!), but a 50% deposit is required for all custom work. Once I receive your payment, I can begin your portrait.

3. PAYMENT:  I accept most major credit cards, PayPal, personal check and cash.

To pay via Paypal cut and past the link in your browser: PayPal.Me/MeredithLPetPortrait

4. THE PROCESS:   Timing can range 2-3 weeks from the time I receive your payment to the time I ship your artwork off to you. There is only one of me and I can only work so fast. Holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day can force a bit of a backlog  sometimes, so you may want to plan accordingly at busier times. With client permission, I post progress photos to Facebook and Twitter.  If you’re ordering a gift as a surprise for someone, let me know and I’ll refrain from posting on social media until you’ve presented it to the lucky recipient. You can find me at Meredith London Pet Portraiture and @PetArtist4u on Twitter. I also post my finished pieces on Pinterest and Instagram.

5. YOUR CUSTOM ARTWORK IS SHIPPED:  When your artwork is complete, I will email you a photo of it.  Assuming you are delighted, I will then collect any remaining balance and ship your art. Please click on “Prices and Delivery Options” for shipping costs. In most cases I use USPS Priority shipping for the best pricing.

You can also shop through Etsy.
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*I am unable to process invoices or payments without billing address and zip code.