PLEASE NOTE! As of 3/1/16 all items will ship via USPS unless otherwise directed. Thank you for your understanding.

Introducing: The Pet Portrait Wine Glass – 

BRAND NEW:  These beautiful glasses have a generous 16 oz bowl and a flat sturdy bottom. They stand appx. 8 3/4 inches tall and should be hand washed. Personalized with pet’s portrait from your favorite reference photo and name with paw print on the bottom of the glass. You can even specify your favorite color for the bottom! At only $40 each, what a wonderful gift for any wine lover. TO PLACE YOUR ORDER, EMAIL YOUR FAVORITE REFERENCE PHOTO to





Do you have a pure breed dog? If so, send me your photos, I may choose to paint your pet to add to the work in my Breed Specific collection and you get the original for FREE!

1. Dogs that are a good representation of the breed standard. So, if you have a Boston Terrier and he’s got one blue eye and one brown eye, that is cute and fun to paint, but it distinguishes that single dog and so I can’t use him. Or if your Commodore has short fur because you puppy cut her – that won’t work either. Your dog needs to be recognizable as the breed standard.

2. Your photo needs to be compelling.  Is your pooch smiling? Does she have the “head tilt” thing going on? Does he have a giant smile or is his tongue hanging out in the photo? Your dog needs to look alert and especially adorable.

3. Can I work with your photo? First, Your pup needs to be looking right at the camera. The photo must be well lit. I can’t use photos that are too dark to distinguish your dog’s fur from his collar, or his ear from the shadow on the wall behind him. Is the sun on her back making her fur look white where it should be golden?  Nope, can’t use that one either – overexposure.  Here’s a link to my blog post about getting a good photo.

If I do, indeed, select your photo, you will receive an original 6″x 8″ custom acrylic on canvas panel portrait in exchange for my being able to use the image of said portrait for prints and notecards in my Breed Specific collection.  Win-Win. And of course, you are welcome to purchase as many prints or note cards as you like at the regular price.


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